ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, (Premature Senility) the destruction of brain cells at a much earlier age, is characterized by progressive mental withdrawal of patients into their own secluded world. I consider Alzheimer's disease (A.D.), formerly a very rare disease, to be, potentially, an extremely serious health problem of the future, right up there near the top with heart disease and cancer. There is one major difference though: heart disease and cancer can be reversed through good nutrition such as A-E, whereas when the nerve fibers become twisted (see “4.” on the next page) it is almost impossible to untwist them.
What has caused the senility of old age to be replaced by premature senility, being diagnosed as early as twenty-nine years of age, in the frequency of cases, or, putting it another way, why have we experienced a tremendous increase in the number of cases of A.D. in the past thirty years? I feel that it is due to the presence of three nutritional factors:
1.     Aluminum derived from food produced under conditions of acid rain, from food cooked in aluminum vessels, from continued ingestion of antacids, and from absorption through the skin of antiperspirant deodorants.
2.    Fluorides from toothpastes, mouthwashes, oral rinses, dental applications, some vitamin preparations which contain them and from drinking water. Fluoride tooth pastes became popular about thirty-five years ago; it has taken all this time for the number of cases of A.D. to become so numerous.
3.    Poisonous substances, especially caffeine or nicotine which act as catalysts (to speed up chemical reactions). Aluminum hydroxide combines with fluorine, in the presence of the catalyst caffeine or nicotine to form aluminum fluoride, as in the chemical equations:
            Al(OH)3 + 3 H+ + 3F- = 3H2O + Al+++ + 3F-;
                      then 2Al+++ + 3F2- = 2AlF3.
4.    Aluminum fluoride migrates specifically to the brain, where it causes progressive  twisting of nerve fibers and plaque deposits to take place during the course of the disease; such damage is easily observed in postmortem brain examination.
     It is my feeling that A.D. may be stopped from progressing further. How do we help existing early cases of A.D.? The nutritional deficiencies must be corrected through the use of the ABC Diet + Exercise and taking the high potency multiple vitamin and mineral preparation, one garlic oil capsule, two lecithin capsules and one Vitamin C1000 Complex tablet should be taken with each meal. Calcium and magnesium, in the form of a CalMag tablet, should be taken one hour after each meal to help detoxify and eliminate the aluminum.
     How can we prevent future cases of A.D.? By banning the use of aluminum and fluoride preparations, (it's hard to find a toothpaste or mouthwash without fluoride these days) just as we did mercury compounds, phenacetin, sweet spirit of nitre, turpentine for internal use, chloroform, haarlem oil and other substances which were eliminated from the marketplace when their toxicity to the body was confirmed.
    Also, by discouraging the use of poisonous substances (caffeine and tobacco) in our lifestyle, we can do much to prevent further damage to the body. If one doesn’t use caffeine or tobacco, there will be none around to be the catalyst.
     A non-aluminum antiperspirant, called Lavilin, is available at health food stores. It is made from flowers, and is effective as a deodorant-antiperspirant for seven  days per application. It inhibits the bacteria which causes underarm odor and, because it so vastly superior, I hope it will eliminate the use of all those products which contain aluminum chlorhydrate.
    Aluminum-clad stainless steel cookware allows the heat-conducting property of aluminum to combine with the non-reactive property of stainless steel, a very satisfactory, efficient method of cooking food. The use of aluminum antacids has been more or less superseded by antibiotics which kill the particular organism which causes ulcers and by antacids which reduce gastric secretion.
     The public must demand that their city and county officials stop adding fluoride to the drinking water supplies. If people take CalMag and Vitamin B6, while, at the same, eliminating sugar, in the form of cake, candy, cookies, Cokes and ice cream from the diet, there will be no measurable increase in the incidence of dental caries.
    The earlier that A-E is started after diagnosis, the better will be the chances of preventing the further progression the disease. One can live with a family relative who has the first stages of Alzheimer’s which will never get any worse. Counseling and A-E together must be tried for six months to a year before abandoning efforts.

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