Since, by keeping the body in health and vigor, one walks in the ways of God ‑‑ it being impossible during sickness to have any understanding or knowledge of the Creator ‑‑ it is a person's duty to avoid whatever is injurious to the body and cultivate habits conducive to health and vigor.
                                                                 ‑Maimonides (1135‑1204)

     I couldn't have said it any better, eight hundred years later.

    Is our whole basic philosophy in cancer, cause and treatment, wrong?
    Why,   in spite of all the efforts and funds we have expended in the United States on research and treatment of this disease, have we not been more successful in treating cancer over the past 100 years?
    Is there something we have not tried which might be more successful?

    In this issue we will discuss the causes of cancer and how to treat the disease nutritionally. Please note that, in some circumstances, nutritional treatment is, at the present time, in  opposition to medical treatment. Patients should be the ones to decide which method of treatment they would prefer. By reading this issue, they, at long last, can make an educated decision.
   In my book, I defined cancer as the body's method of self‑destructing when it no longer has sufficient nutrition to sustain life.
   Cancer, the most dreaded of all diseases in modern times remains the most mismanaged of all diseases, as well. The following discussion of cancer expresses my opinions as to what is its cause, how it is presently being treated, how I would recommend it to be treated, how to help prevent it, and when, in the progress of the disease, it is probably too late to be treated; further treatment would be wasting time and resources.
   Cancer is the unchecked multiplication of abnormal cells in the body, as contrasted with the predictable pattern of growth and reproduction of normal cells.  Ultimately, cancer cells take up the nutrition which should go to normal cells; thus the normal cells are starved and the body dies.
   Cancer can be caused from internal and external causes; internally by eating and drinking the wrong diet, and externally by being over-exposed to radioactive materials, both of which destroy the proteolytic enzymes and allow precancer cells to become cancer cells and subsequently grow rapidly. I do not believe in full-mouth or frequent dental X-rays because this can lead to over-exposure to radiation and, eventually, cancer.
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Discussion From an Independent Viewpoint

All opinions expressed in this Newsletter are mine alone, based on over thirty years' experience in the Nutrition field.   Those who would like to follow what is recommended here, do so at their own risk, and keep in touch with your doctor.


Shorthand: “A-E” stands for the ABC DIET + Exercise;


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Volume 2 Issue 8         CANCER



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    For those already taking chemotherapy, can they use A-E in addition? Yes. Chemo, most other drugs and radiation destroy Vitamin B Complex and other vitamins. By supplementing these vitamins, the improved diet fights the harmful side effects of the chemo, such as nausea, weight loss and hair loss.  Does A-E interfere with chemo? No. If anything, it makes the chemo more effective and tolerated.
   Malnutrition, the lack of A-E, may be reversed if A-E is initiated soon enough. Delaying the start of A-E makes cancer all the harder to treat with positive results.
   There is another way that cancer can begin in the body—by not following the A-E. I will repeat here various elements very briefly:
  “A” stands for avoiding  all toxic substances (coffee, tea, soft drinks and “energy” drinks, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, artificial preservatives, dyes, sweeteners, flavoring agents, fluorides in toothpastes and mouthwashes, sugar and excessive amounts of salt. Of all the toxic elements, caffeine is the most addicting and cancer-forming.
 “B” stands for BE SURE to eat some raw, uncooked vegetables or fruit with each meal.
 “C” reminds us to COMPLEMENT the diet with supplements, multiple vitamins and minerals of sufficient strength, saw palmetto, lecithin, Royal Jelly and CalMag, that help get rid of diseases. Lastly, do the proper Exercises to maintain healthy body elements, and live a long life, free of pain and disease.

   I will repeat what I wrote at the end of ISSUE 1 about when treatment should be discontinued:

  Is there a time when to give up treating a patient with medication or other medical therapy? Yes.

  Is there a time to stop with nutritious food and the ABC DIET? As long as the patient can take food by mouth and avoid all the items in the “A” list which make them more ill, it would be advisable to continue. Foods by mouth can be pureed, and fruits can be blended together and then immediately given, followed in four hours, by pureed vegetables given in the same manner. Do not give fruits and vegetables at the same time because they contain different enzymes. Never try to keep the juices more than a half hour after they have been pureed because the fresh enzymes they contain die within twenty minutes after pureeing. If the patient has not drunk the juice within a half hour, it should be discarded or drunk by someone else. Such a nutritional therapy may not reverse the dying process but it can relieve much of the pain and suffering, but, then again, it just might...
   For a patient who can no longer take nutrition by mouth, there is a method called T.P.N., or total parenteral nutrition. My feeling is that, although there are some nutrients that can be given by injection, one is only prolonging the agony to give a cancer patient T.P.N. because it does not contain endogenous enzymes which help to sustain life. Unless A-E  is utilized, along with fresh miso soup for the enzymes, the point where to treat a patient and not to treat a patient ends with the needle.
   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if regional medical institutes, hospitals and clinics, like M.D. Anderson, Sloan Kettering, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Boston, L.A .and elsewhere, were re-established to treat cancer patients with nutritious, body-restoring food, and. with physicians to treat  patients with minimal surgery, toss out the giant X-ray machines and chemotherapy areas to make room for pureeing fruits and vegetables.  The very thought of all this is like, “they shall break their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks (Isaiah 2:4).”  Surely, the Messiah can’t be very far away!
   Orthodox medicine divides cancerous conditions into carcinomas (cancer of epithelial tissue), sarcomas (cancer of connective tissue), lymphomas (cancers of the lymphatic system), and leukemias (cancers of the blood system).  These are further subdivided into the location of the cancer, such as gastrointestinal, genitourinary, hepatic, brain, ear, breast, colon, pituitary, and so on.
    Since I feel that these are mere manifestations of the same disease, I will discuss them all under the general classification of Cancer. To me, it makes just as much sense to describe cancers as tumors of the epithelial and connective tissue, and non-tumors of lymphatic and  blood system.
    What causes these tumors and non-tumor cancers? And why are some tumors malignant and others non-malignant? The answers are:
   1. Malignant tumors, the patient has been eating huge amounts of animal protein and fat for a long, long time, and the proteolytic enzymes have been destroyed.  The precancer cells have become cancerous, and the tumor grows increasingly larger.
 2. Non-malignant tumors,   the pancreas and the proteolytic enzymes  are still healthy, but the presence of such huge amounts of animal protein and fat over a long period of time makes tumors in order to dispose of the extra tissue that has to be disposed of in the body, somehow and somewhere.
 3. Non-tumors,  the result, not of over-eating protein or fat, but junk, like items in the “A” group of the ABC DIET:
              1. Methylxanthine derivatives: coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks. All are toxic and addictive.
             2.  Man-made chemicals: Sweeteners: Sweet’N Low, Nutrasweet, Equal and man-concentrated white sugar.
 Flavoring and coloring agents which use chemical dyes.
 Preservatives-- sodium or potassium benzoate, sulfites and others.
 *Drugs—the street varieties, prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
 Tobacco, alcohol, fluoride toothpaste or mouthwashes,
    White flour, used to make white bread, cake, candy, cookies and other products, is not the healthiest ingredient in the marketplace. It is so highly refined to make it white that about twenty-six vitamins and minerals are removed in the refining process.  Then, to make it seem healthier, six of them are replaced.  Net loss in nutrition in this product, twenty healthful ingredients.
                3. Salt fits in a category by itself: It is not man-made. It is essential in small amounts to maintain good health. The chloride ion from salt combines with the hydrogen ion to manufacture hydrochloric acid in the stomach to help in the process of digestion. Sodium, in salt, combines with potassium to distribute nutrition and waste products between the cells and the surrounding fluid. However, salt can be toxic if taken in excess of the amount needed to maintain good health.
               Is it possible to eat some of the “A” products without dying of cancer or other illnesses? Yes, but it should be understood that the more of these one eats or drinks, the greater is the danger to the body.
             I am reminded of the person who loves to eat chocolate and came down with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). By partial abstinence, her symptoms have become greatly lessened.
               *Some prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs are essential for some patients at some time, but that should be determined by the physician who is treating and prescribing them for the patient.
             I believe that physicians should increase or reduce both the number of drugs and the strength of each one, as the patient’s health changes. This is  a static process.  No one’s health remains the same over an extended period of time. There is no doubt that taking, or not taking, vitamins, minerals, other supplements and doing exercise, can have a profound effect on the amount of medicine needed. My mother’s health in her later years proved that to me. This is why I have written the different ISSUES on my website.

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    In order to understand what causes the internally-caused disease of cancer, we must first go back to review some embryology, the study  of the developing fetus from the time of conception to birth.  You may recall that early embryological development represents a period of rapid cell division; first the zygote, then the gastrula, the blastula, etc., until many millions of cells have been formed. Then suddenly, about the fourth week after conception, the period of rapid geometric division stops, for if it did not stop, the fetus, before being born, would grow larger than its mother, and this would spell disaster to the species.
      The trophoblast theory explains why the rapid division stops about the end of the fourth week.  It is at this time that the pancreas develops and begins to manufacture proteolytic (protein‑splitting) enzymes which stop the rapid multiplication of cells, enabling those cells which have already been formed to become more differentiated, to develop into sophisticated tissues and organs, thus enabling the species to survive.
    If this theory, originated in 1896, by Professor John Beard of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, is valid, and I believe that it is, it would logically follow that later in life, any rapid multiplication of cells, as in cancer, would also be inhibited by these same proteolytic enzymes, unless the enzymes were, for some reason, prevented from doing their job. The two reasons I now give for lack of enzyme activity are exhaustion and malnutrition.  Let us explain further.
      When people become exhausted, we mean that they are on the verge of collapse, usually from an extraordinary amount of physical or mental activity just prior to the exhaustive state. What would make a proteolytic enzyme become exhausted and thus render it physiologically useless?   The answer lies in the other main purpose of this enzyme in the body.  As we have previously stated, "proteolysis" means the breaking down of protein. In order to be used by all the body cells, protein must be broken down into smaller‑sized particles, called amino acids.
    In the process of good nutrition, when only safe amounts of protein are eaten, pepsin, secreted in the stomach, begins the process of digestion, trypsin, a proteolytic enzyme manufactured in the pancreas, helps the process along, and enzymes, manufactured in the liver, finish the process. The proteolytic enzymes, manufactured in the pancreas, serve to break down proteins into amino acids.

     It is necessary to understand that in the fetal stage of development, precancer cells are active from conception through the end of the first month, the period of most rapid growth, or geometric multiplication.  At this time, the pancreas develops and begins to manufacture proteolytic enzymes. In the presence of migrating proteolytic enzymes, the precancer cells become inactive and do not become active again, unless, or until, some calamity causes the pancreas   to no longer manufacture proteolytic enzymes.

    It is, for this reason, that the body does not recognize precancer cells as foreign entities that it should destroy through the process of phagocytosis.  Precancer cells are not strangers; they’re part of the family, presently going wild, like an undisciplined child. Phagocytosis occurs when white blood cells engulf and ingest bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold or other foreign micro-organisms, when signs of acute infections are present.
   The mistake being made today is trying to destroy cancer cells rather than trying to improve the nutrition. By giving proper nutrition, proteolytic enzymes will, once again, be rebuilt by a healthy, restored pancreas, to put cancer cells into the state of inactivity, as it did originally in fetal development.

   When excessive amounts of protein are eaten daily, over an extended period of time, like four eggs with sausages for breakfast, several ounces of cheese for lunch, and eight ounce steaks for supper, these proteolytic enzymes become unable to do their dual jobs in a satisfactory manner. The result is that the liver, normally the chief metabolizing, detoxifying organ in the body, itself becomes poisoned. Further eating of large amounts of only partially-digested protein causes the pancreas to become poisoned, proteolytic enzyme production ceases, and we have the beginning of the growth of a cancer somewhere in the body; exactly where, is dependent on heredity.  So, breast, stomach, lung,  brain, rectal or prostatic cancer does not develop unless the pancreas becomes incapacitated.  Treating the target organ without getting at the source of the problem, is like closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen.
           By the time the cancer has been detected in the target organ- it often   takes between ten and twenty years for the cancer to grow large enough before it is detected- the enzyme system has been largely destroyed. It must be made very clear that the body has to have enzymes to function. “We have met the enemy, and they are—us!”

   If we are to treat cancer with nutrition, we must treat it "with kid gloves," i.e., very carefully, very slowly.  The body is first fed simple foods, like rice and cooked vegetables, as if we were feeding a tiny infant solid foods. The simple food, along with miso paste soups, a source of enzymes, very slowly rebuilds the endogenous enzyme system. We must not feed the ill patient complex proteins or fats which require enzymes to aid in digestion, for these would make the liver even more toxic than it already is. The Macrobiotic Foundation says that it takes as much as seven years to heal the body of cancer, once disease symptoms appear.
     Chemotherapy is the administration of toxic chemicals to the body in the expectation that it will "zap" mainly the cancer cells; normal, healthy cells are destroyed as well, causing much destruction to the liver and the pancreas, the organs  which are trying to be rebuilt.
   A significant point is that Cancer is not the result of a mysterious organism invading the body that needs to be “zapped” by X-ray or chemotherapeutic drugs in order to kill the invader.
   Internally-caused cancer is caused by improper eating and drinking habits over a long period of time,
resulting in self-toxification, or poisoning oneself.            
    Externally caused cancer is caused by excessive radiation from handling radioactive substances or being exposed to them. As in the days after the Second World War, many Hiroshima and Nagasaki residents who ate miso soup survived, while thier neighbors who did not eat the soup did not live.  I hope that those who were recently exposed to the nuclear plant accident, after the 8.9 earthquake, will be given miso soup. The radiation destroys the proteolytic enzymes and the precancer cells become cancer cells because they think they’re supposed to promote rapid proliferation again, like the days in the womb during the first month after conception.
   The physician of now and the future should treat his cancer patients with a minimal amount of surgery to remove as much of  the  primary lesion as possible, thus slowing down the further rapid multiplication. Palliative drugs can be given, if absolutely necessary, but not X-ray or chemotherapy.  However, the   first step that should be done is initiate nutritional treatment, utilizing live, active enzymes, like   miso paste, to temporarily take the place of the proteolytic enzymes. The ABC Diet plus Exercise should be followed strictly, as much as possible. Nothing in the “A” group must be taken, to spare the much weakened liver of trying to detoxify them.
    Medicine should recognize that it has been using treatment that is unhealthful for the patient. We cannot bring back the past.  Methods of medical technique have improved over the years; why shouldn’t Nutrition be, at long last, adopted as an approved technique. The days of sulfanilamide, laudanum, phenacetin, calomel and paregoric are over; so should X-ray, chemotherapy and radical surgery go the same direction.