This issue, entitled Potpourri, or a mixture, will be devoted to diseases which I have not mentioned in the other issues.  They are:
ACNE. Although acne can occur at any age, it is mostly a teenage skin disease of the face and the upper torso. Medical treatments vary widely, from ultraviolet light, laser, creams, ointments, soaps– everything except improving the diet, which is really the only way to treat it successfully.  Following A-E, eliminating especially soft drinks, caffeine, sugar, fluorides, no more 17% of fat and no more than 17% of protein in the daily diet, eating 4 to 7 eggs a week, taking a good, medium strength, multiple vitamin and mineral preparation with an adequate amount of Vitamin A, biotin, lecithin and zinc, will go a long way toward clearing up acne forever.
BEDSORES. These sores are usually found in very ill or elderly, bedridden patients who are unable to turn themselves from time to time, allowing for adequate circulation. In addition to turning the patients at least once an hour, A-E, with a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral formula, fruits or raw vegetables, or freshly squeezed fruits, freshly squeezed raw vegetables, or miso soup made from barley paste to provide exogenous enzymes, will help to prevent and treat this condition.   
BURNS. Locally, these can be treated with Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) oil, squeezed from the capsule, directly on the area and covering with a loose sterile dressing, changing the area several times a day. Giving the A-E will promote growth of new skin and healing.
OTHER SKIN DISEASES. Moles which are irregular in shape or which grow rapidly should be excised by a dermatologist or surgeon. Rashes should be examined for diagnosing of underlying diseases. Some rashes in small children, diagnosed by inexperienced physicians, have been called scabies, when they were the result of parents giving them tea, coffee, chocolate soft drinks or other caffeinated drinks. Following A-E definitely helps to prevent many skin diseases and acute illnesses.   I believe that it would help to eliminate or minimize symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. It is definitely worth trying out.
A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), HERPES, SHINGLES, and SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES.  The first three, believed to be viral diseases, can be prevented, to a large extent, by increasing the body’s resistance, or raising the immunity, to viral infection or invasion. Sexually transmitted diseases can, to a large extent, by protected sex, not taking illicit drugs, especially using non-sterile needles or inhalation, and following A-E, with added lysine, DOC, CalMag, Vitamin E taken with butter, zinc and increased amounts of Vitamin C1000 Complex in divided doses. Painful symptoms of shingles in adults, caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox in children, can be reduced by taking extra large amounts of B Complex, Vitamin C1000 Complex, and Vitamin E 400 with butter and zinc, all in divided doses. Always remember that no antibiotic can cure a virus; only larger amounts of Vitamin C1000 Complex and some zinc and no junk food can.
ALLERGIES and ASTHMA Following A-E goes a long way toward preventing symptoms. Vitamin C1000 Complex, B Complex and zinc also help.
CEREBRAL PALSY. This is usually a congenital disease, as a result of brain damage at birth, either by an instrument delivery or an older mother giving birth for the first time. Partial remission of symptoms through following A-E may be achieved by improving nerve conduction. Adding B Complex, C, E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese may help.
   COLDS and COUGHS, EMPHYSEMA. Colds and coughs can be prevented or minimized by following A-E and taking extra Vitamin C1000 Complex and zinc.
   CONSTIPATION, DIARRHEA, NAUSEA and VOMITING. These gastro-intestinal problems are usually dietary in nature. By following A-E, a built-in balance of fiber carbohydrates is present.  Only when toxins, like food poisoning, are ingested, should these symptoms appear. A good multiple vitamin and mineral preparation plus Vitamin C and CalMag should then be taken to help detoxify the body.
    CROHN’S DISEASE and IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.         These are definitely cases in which A-E should always be followed, with raw fruits and raw vegetables or freshly squeezed juices of them, taken separately, at first, in very small quantities and as frequently as possible. The tendency toward these diseases is inherited, but with an excellent diet, they can be controlled. A common medical way to treat them is to give cortisone to relieve the symptoms, but, to me, that is most definitely a “no-no.”  Cortisone and prednisone do, indeed, mask the symptoms of the diseases but they also damage the entire body, especially the endocrine gland system. Only for a short time should they ever be given, and only as an adjunct to nutritional therapy.  A-E is the only real way to treat them successfully without symptoms recurring.   
   EYE, EAR, DENTAL, NOSE, THROAT AND KIDNEY INFECTIONS, PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS AND LEPROSY which all begin as acute diseases, will now be discussed separately:
   The topic of the EYE can be divided into acute infections and chronic, deteriorating diseases. The acute infections are caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses. They can be treated by drugs, and for recurring symptoms, can often be prevented by following A-E to build up the immune system. Some chronic, deteriorating eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and detached retina, are discussed here:
   Cataracts are the clouding up of the lens. Fortunately for the patient, eye surgeons are able to operate and replace the lens, miraculously restoring eyesight, and correcting the vision as well. Cataracts are caused by a Vitamin C deficiency; this has been proven to be correct by a British clinic some years ago, but Vitamin C 1000 Complex is much more effective in combination with DOC and A-E.
   Glaucoma can be considered the eye’s equivalent of hardening of the
arteries. As elasticity of the blood vessels  is lost, the pressure increases and the blood circulation is more difficult. More vision is lost, until it is lost entirely. Eye surgeons are able to help somewhat, up to a certain point.
   What can be done nutritionally? A-E plus DOC, Vitamin C 1000 Complex and lecithin can reverse the arteriosclerosis by slowly removing the deposited plaque and cholesterol in the walls of the blood vessels. The longer the patient waits before beginning A-E, the more vision is lost.
   Macular degeneration is similar to glaucoma but central vision is
lost before the peripheral vision is. To prevent progressive vision loss, A-E must be initiated as soon as possible after the condition is detected...
    Symptoms of detached retina could be flashes of light and floating spots. Again, A-E, especially eliminating all sugar, could cause these symptoms to disappear.
   The EAR can also be infected by the same micro-organisms that affect the eye. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed for acute inner ear infections, but recurring infections definitely require improvement of the diet, most effectively A-E with increased amounts of Vitamin C. The more junk food eaten and drunk, the more frequently that infections return.

   Chronic ear problems, such as deafness, are usually caused by hardening of the arteries of the hearing mechanism. Again, as in hardening of the arteries of the eye, A-E, Vitamin C and lecithin may slowly restore some elasticity to these structures, but it is advisable to begin treatment before complete loss of hearing occurs.   

     Nose and throat infections are signs of micro-organisms invading the breathing apparatus, going on to infect the nasal sinuses, the bronchi and the lungs. Clearing up these infections can be achieved by raising the immune symptom through use of A-E and taking extra Vitamin C 1000 Complex  to kill the micro-organisms.
   Dental problems can be either tooth or gum infections and are often caused by various bacteria which multiply by a poor diet, such as eating sugar products like cake, candy, cookies, soft drinks, ice cream,  or even bread. A-E, with total elimination of sugar and white flour would go a long way to prevent these infections. Everyone should floss and brush the teeth after each meal, if possible, with a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride, which weakens the immune system. Instead they should take a multiple vitamin and mineral preparation which contains an adequate of Vitamin B6 and magnesium.  These together strengthen the dental enamel without introducing the toxicity of fluorides to the body. Once or twice a year, one should have a professional dental cleaning, having the dentist or hygienist to check for mouth problems before they go too far to treat minimally.   
   Kidney infections are signs of micro-organism invasion. Unless A-E is begun immediately, the kidneys will cease to function, and transplants or dialysis will be needed for survival. Drinking soft drinks, coffee, eating sugar products, chocolate, taking drugs and using fluorides and tobacco are the usual factors leading to chronic kidney damage.  
   GERIATRIC TREATMENT, treating the elderly. Problems of the elderly are quite different from other age levels. (also see ISSUE 11.) Almost everything must be modified.
    Exercise, for example, is quite different for a stroke, arthritic or osteoporotic patient than for a healthy individual.
    Likewise, nutritious food is different than unhealthy “portion control.” Just because a person is aged doesn’t mean that he or she must continue to be ill. Serve the person whole grain food where possible,  a freshly-prepared, multi-ingredient salad using fresh ingredients, in addition to the small or medium cooked portion of animal or vegetable protein.
    Surreptitiously switching a coffee-drinker to Kaffree-Roma, or a tea drinker to a caffeine-free tea substitute, would go a long way toward improving the mental and physical health of the elderly person.
    Every aging person should take a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral capsule, like DOC. Increasing the strength of the vitamins and minerals to a beneficial amount of the ingredients could be subsidized by the Government, so it need not cost the consumer any extra. Giving the present, minimal-strength that would be the right strength for a six to twelve year old child, is a waste of time and money (See ISSUE 14.)
    One need not fear that all the nursing homes will suddenly empty out because the residents would become ambulatory and leave. That’ll never happen due to the structural changes that the body has experienced gradually, until they were forced to enter the homes.
    TUBERCULOSIS, Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious bacterial infection that mainly involves the lungs, but may spread to other organs. It has been traced back, possibly to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, three to four thousand years ago. Most cases of TB were people who lived in crowded, dark areas, in places heated by open wood charcoal or coal fireplaces. These people ate a chronically poor diet, consisting of the least expensive forms of protein and fat, with few fruits, vegetables and other forms of carbohydrates.
    Prior to a hundred years ago, the only way to treat TB was long term residence in sanitariums, if one could afford it, using sunshine as treatment. Why sunshine? It remains a source of Vitamins C and D. One can assume that scurvy and rickets were endemic.
    At the beginning of the last half of the twentieth century, TB patients had a very low life expectancy. At that time, antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs were developed to treat TB, but many strains soon became drug resistant.  Patients were treated with isoniazid and rifampicin, but even this combination chemotherapy became ineffective against multidrug resistant TB strain. The patient had to take expensive medicines for up to back two years, and even then, there was no guarantee that a remission of the disease wouldn’t occur.
    Now we come to the present day. I believe that the combination of A-E plus DOC, Vitamin C 1000 Complex, CalMag and Vitamin E  will help to rid the body of this extremely potent micro-organism. I never heard of an infectious micro-organism that has become resistant to vitamin and minerals. Why would this therapy be effective? It would help to build up the body’s immunity against foreign invaders, whereas drugs don’t do that. I hope that Medicine and Science will take note of this therapy and go with it.
   LEPROSY, (Hansen’s disease), is a chronic disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae or M. lepromatosis. The disease is mentioned in some detail, 3,000 years ago, in the Biblical Books of Leviticus, Chapters 13 and 14, and in Kings 2, Chapter 5. Although it is a disease of the upper respiratory tract, skin lesions are the usual way to identify it. If it is left untreated, leprosy can cause permanent damage to the skin, nerves, eyes and limbs but the disease does not cause body parts to fall off, as has been believed by many in the past. It is usually spread by the fluid droplets that are expelled during yawning or sneezing. Most people have natural immunity to the bacterium. Those who have the disease are often no longer infectious after several weeks of antibiotic treatment. Treatment with A-E as well as short-term antibiotics would be desirable to kill the bacteria and speed up the healing process.  (Also see Tuberculosis.)
    HIATUS HERNIA, the loss of muscle tone around the area of the hole through which the esophagus passes from the chest into the stomach. By following A-E along with DOC, eating very small quantities of fruit or raw vegetables, the elasticity of the muscle may eventually be restored. Taking antispasmodics or antacids doesn’t solve the problem, although it may relieve the symptoms temporarily.
  OBESITY, the state of being considerably, uncomfortably overweight. There are several reasons for obesity which will be discussed here: 
1. Poor diet choices. Believing that “diet drinks” have fewer calories and are more healthful  than those which contain sugar,   obese people become more ill, with diabetes, arthritis, stroke, other cardiovascular problems and cancer as the end result.
2. Lack of exercise. Most schools do not have physical education programs which teach simple combined stretch plus calorie-burning exercises (see ISSUE 3.) Pushing people to the absolute limit of their endurance is not my idea of fun. Consequently, the students are never trained to love any form of exercise which they can carry into adulthood and enjoy doing them. Painful, strenuous exercises rarely are enjoyed. Who would enjoy causing himself pain? I honestly believe
that most people wouldn’t mind doing five minutes of stretch exercises and thirty-five minutes of non-painful, calorie-burning exercises.
3. Psychological reasons. The obese person often has an inferiority complex, disliking himself to the point that they would like to disappear. After all, they believe, “the pretty ones are the ones who get attacked mentally and physically. If I gain much weight, people will leave me alone.”
   What steps can eradicate obesity? Following A-E and selecting foods carefully. For examples, carrot or celery sticks to take the hunger pangs away in between meals, a fresh fruit and other low-calorie items in place of alcohol, pretzels, corn chips, cake, candy, coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream and other milk products.

     Avoid everything made with white flour because there is so little nutrition in it that one, subconsciously, tends to eat more of it, to try to obtain the proper nutrition that is available in much less whole grain flour.
   By eating two meals a day in place of three, one has already cut off 1/3rd of the calories normally taken in without even realizing it. Take a DOC capsule. Follow the formula of 2/3rd carbohydrates, 1/6th fats and 1/6th proteins, plus daily exercise, found in ISSUE 3, to lose the weight. Drink no diet soda, nor any other kind of soda. Fasting does not help lose weight.
   There is no easy, pill-taking way to lose weight. Anyone not a well-intentioned friend who tells you otherwise probably has something financially to gain by it.
   For many years you were advised to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Recently, it was discovered that no scientist had ever done any research to justify such a large consumption. Indeed, more damage has been done in the ensuing years by consuming this much. As with caffeine and other drugs, drinking excessive amounts of water causes the elimination of vitamins and minerals in the urine and the feces before the nutrients can serve to feed the body at the cellular level. Probably about half that amount would be suitable to maintain proper kidney function, blood plasma and distribution of nutrients.
   What liquids may you drink, and how much? Water, purified, spring or reverse osmosis filtered, but don’t drink tap water or distilled water. You may drink freshly-squeezed raw fruit juices or freshly-squeezed vegetables, but not from cans, bottles or cardboard containers, nor fruit and vegetables mixed together. 
   The question: How does one obtain 50% of the daily calories in the “grains” category without eating junk food?
   The answers: The first answer is, in the grain category,  to eat whole grain foods only. Study and choose your food very carefully.  Perhaps a dietician or a nutritionist could be helpful in giving advice.
   The second answer is spending much less time, or no time, sitting on the couch watching TV. Instead, spend more time walking, swimming or any other form of non-strenuous, calorie-burning exercise. (see ISSUE 3.)
   Weight loss is, then, the combination of both answers together, with complete avoidance of the items on the “A” list. Start enjoying life again, day by day, as the pounds come off.  
 PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME, Follow A-E with a moderate strength multivitamin and mineral preparation.

  S.I.D.S., S.A.D.S. Sudden Infant and Sudden Teenage Arrhythmia Death Syndromes are two conditions in which A-E can help.  S.I.D.S. has been largely eliminated by putting the infant down to sleep on its back, rather than on the stomach.  There are still some cases of it which are due to a lack of lecithin and biotin in the diet, the lecithin lack due to giving the baby cow’s milk instead of the mother’s milk from breast feeding. The mother should also follow the A-E because junk foods and drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, sugar and chocolate do get, in the case of S.I.D.S., into the breast milk.
   In the case of S.A.D.S., however, the problem is a disorder of the heart’s electrical system, easily visible on the electrocardiogram. The abnormality can be either acquired by taking certain medications, or inherited when a mutation causes the electrical recovery of the heart to be slower. Sudden death can occur after strenuous physical exertion, although it may also happen upon waking from sleep. Teenage sudden death after strenuous exercise can occur in an individual who has been allowed to eat junk food, which caused the heart and blood vessels to be damaged.
   I believe that every teenager, who would like to play a strenuous sport in high school or college, should have an E.K.G. taken before being allowed to play at the beginning of the sports season as a preventive measure. If any abnormality is detected, the student should follow A-E for one year and then have the E.K.G. repeated. If, after one year of following A-E, the E.K.G. is negative, he should be allowed to play, with his physician’s approval.
    My feeling is that by following the A-E, both factors causing the abnormality can be largely prevented.  Teenagers, in general, are known drinkers of coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and sugar, and they brush their teeth with fluorides. This is also why A.D.H.D. is more prevalent in this age group than any other (see ISSUE 4).  A-E encourages them to avoid using these substances and others which damage the body’s electrical system and chemical balance.  Taking a good, medium strength, multiple vitamin and mineral preparation and CalMag tablet can maintain the body in good order. One of the greatest things parents can do is not bring junk food, items on the “A” list, home from the grocery store. It just may save your child’s life, or your own.

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