The following are concepts of particular importance to me:
1. PEOPLE CANNOT GAIN, OR REGAIN, good health,  as long as they insist on eating and drinking junk food, only marginal health, ready, at the at the drop of a hat , to “fall off the edge of the cliff” and get sick again.
   2. When the media, or even well-meaning friends tell you that items in the “A” list of the ABC DIET, like coffee and chocolate are good for you because they have anti-oxidants (whatever they are); or red wine is good for you because it has a drug called resveratrol , which is supposed to help people lead a healthier, younger, more vital life, soften wrinkles, aid in losing weight, improve digestion, remove toxins from the body, and improve sleep—somewhere down the line, people are being paid to make up garbage like that.  They are dealing in half-truths. Yes, the coffee, chocolate and alcohol do probably contain these anti-oxidants or resveratrol items, but how about the other side of the story, all the toxic ingredients that they contain? How about the fact that these items are extremely habit-forming, they damage every cell in the body, cause cancer, arthritis, diabetes and all the other disease we have just discussed on this website?  Coffee has some 90 harmful ingredients besides caffeine. Chocolate, from theobromine, can cause many diseases besides cancer. Alcohol, among other things, robs magnesium from the body and destroys the liver, causing cancer.  The bottom line is, what value is it to you if these, and all the rest of the “A” items, destroy your health? Besides all this, resveratrol is found in grapes or grape juice, so there’s no need to drink alcohol and damage your body.
   3. Many people don’t believe that the small amounts of fluoride in toothpaste or mouthwashes can be absorbed from under the tongue into the bloodstream. Simply observe a person with angina pectoris who gets almost instant relief of pain when he puts a nitroglycerin tablet under his tongue.  Besides, unlike nitroglycerin, fluoride toxicity is cumulative in the body. I have no doubt that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease has greatly increased since fluoride became one of the ingredients in most of the brands of toothpastes. (See ISSUE 6.)
   4. Everybody is convinced that they can add calcium to the bones if they just add a lot of calcium to their diet in the form of supplements, like Caltrate and Tums, or by drinking milk, eating cheese and yoghurt. Nothing  could  be   further  from  the  truth. Besides, calcium supplementation can cause loss of necessary enzymes in the small intestine, heart damage, gallstones, bladder stones and kidney stones (see ISSUE 12).
   5. I would like medical schools all over the world to start teaching the true facts about Nutrition, encouraging their students to use it in their practice to improve their patients’ health. The physician of the future will be their nutritional adviser as well as their medical expert.
   6. In case you were wondering whether I have a vested interest in the makers of Kaffree Roma or Twinlabs. Inc., the answer is “no.”  I use the products myself and haven’t found any better items on the market.
   7. Increasing the strength of vitamin and mineral products to help people improve their health has long been an issue with me. When I helped the newly-diagnosed A.L.S. patient recover completely, I chose a DOC-like formula plus Vitamin C1000 Complex, and I achieved remarkable results-- complete remission from the disease. When my mother was 75, it was the DOC formula, among the other ingredients, which enabled her to live until 98, free from pain, arthritis and needing  only 1/3 the strength of her heart pills to regulate the atrial fibrillation. Only when her care provider gave her a “geriatric strength” pill instead of the DOC, did she start to deteriorate. The doctor changed her medication to the full strength instead of the 1/3 dosage, and he put her on an anti-coagulant. When I discovered that she was deteriorating, I immediately restored the DOC and, within a month or two, she improved so much that the doctor reduced the strength of her heart pill to 1/3 and discontinued the anti-coagulant.  To me, it proves that a high potency vitamin and mineral preparation can definitely improve health and prevent aging, all without resveratrol. I invite physicians and clinics to duplicate my results. Never mind about not believing hearsay or undocumented evidence. Physicians should encourage their patients to take steps to get well and not worry about where the original documentation came from.
   8. Unfortunately for the American public, drug manufacturers who make vitamin and mineral pills do not care that “one size does not fit all,” when dealing with the different age groups. One would not give a child strength formula to an aged person, or do they? Almost all the brands of “geriatric strength” tablets on the market are suitable for children 6 to 12 years of age, not for senior citizens who have diminished nutritional absorption from the small intestine. Merely changing the label to give it the appearance of being suitable for the elderly does not make it so. Appearances deceive. A DOC strength formula capsule is not really that more expensive than a geriatric strength that is not really geriatric strength. Besides, I am sure the Government could be persuaded to subsidize them for the sake of improved health and reduced Health Care costs. Would you believe a 50% reduction? Based on my mother’s example, I would. To paraphrase Tevya, “Would it hurt some vast eternal plan, if the health of the entire Nation were to improve through nutrition?”
I made a “Kol Bo” salad for myself tonight, putting everything I could find in the house in it: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, potato, red pepper, egg, onion, garlic, mango, olives and canned tuna fish. As a result of eating the salad, I haven’t felt this good in years!
While we’re on the subject of eggs, everyone should eat the whole egg, not just the white. The notion that the yolk was somehow harmful because it contains cholesterol, was completely crazy thirty years ago, and it still is. Yes, it does contain cholesterol, but this item is absolutely necessary for skin, hair, nails, the proper functioning of the adrenal cortex glands, the entire endocrine gland system and the rest of the body. The yoke has sulfur in it which is the precursor of natural antibiotics to prevent microbial invasion.  The person who eats only the whites of the egg doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Where harm befalls us is when caffeine damages the wall of blood vessels, allowing cholesterol to be deposited in it. Besides, elevated cholesterol does not harm the heart—it is a sign of heart damage that has already been occurring. If the “A” group is entirely, or mostly, eliminated there will be no need for “statin” drugs, which do little more than reduce the cholesterol numbers in a blood test. They do not reduce the cholesterol level itself in vivo.
     There you have them—a delicious salad and many of the  items which have bothered me for years, but which I haven’t been able to do anything about. Hopefully, with your help, things will change for the better in the near future.

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